Let’s Go !

It is in 1996 that we created Noukie’s, in Belgium. Our wish was to offer to the smallest children (and their parents), a remarkably soft toy, with short pile and embroidered eyes, to ensure both safety and hygiene; an innovation was born. Noukie’s would quickly develop a real expertise in the creation of characters and soft toys, and understand its essential role in the emotional development of babies. Our soft toys, the child’s every day companion, bring supreme softness, tenderness, and extend the feeling of comfort and safety given by the parents.

From 1998 onwards, our characters started creating genuine environments and also appear on linens, and later on, on day- and night wear, while always keeping the combination of softness and safety.

Mum’s advice: What to do when your baby’s favourite cuddly toy gets lost?

It is a tragedy when it happens! A lost cuddly toy can be the cause of anguish, sadness and some tears. How do we avoid this? What to do when it happens? Because losing a cuddly toy is a drama that causes great sorrow and a bit of guilt for the parents, here are ourRead More