Mum’s advice: What to do when your baby’s favourite cuddly toy gets lost?

It is a tragedy when it happens! A lost cuddly toy can be the cause of anguish, sadness and some tears.

How do we avoid this? What to do when it happens?

Because losing a cuddly toy is a drama that causes great sorrow and a bit of guilt for the parents, here are our little tips to find it and, preferably, avoid losing it.

Surely, you can’t put a leash on baby’s cuddly toy, so the first trick is to slide it as close to baby as possible, in the stroller. When they’re little, they can’t throw it out of the stroller yet.

Later, when they start growing, be attentive when baby plays with it. At each stop, a quick check

to see if cuddly toy did not fall. This will soon become a reflex.

Noukie’s “tidous”, small squared blankets with a favourite animal on it, have a small strap with a velcro that can be fixed to all Noukie’s pyjamas. This way, the cuddly toy can’t be thrown out of the stroller.

Buy its twin

But just to be ready when it does happen, you should always have the favourite cuddly toy duplicate, at least. We also found that baby gets attached to the distinct smell and shape of the tidou, so you should substitute them frequently, and wash them at the same time. This way your little one won’t notice the difference.

Now, when cuddly is really lost, and you do not have a spare, do not hesitate to contact the lost and found of the last places you have been to; we’ve already experienced nice surprises, with cuddly toys found in the most improbable places!

Posting a picture of the lost soft toy on social media is definitely worth it, on your own profile, but also of on the accounts of airports, train stations or other places you passed through. The people responsible for those accounts are generally very helpful when it comes to lost cuddly toys, and social media is the best medium to reach a lot of people in little time.

If you do buy a new one, the same model of course, the trick for baby to accept it with open arms is to leave it against the mother’s skin, above the breast, for a good hour, that way it takes on mother’s smell. The parents’ smell feels safe and is easily recognisable by your little one, from day one.

SOS Noukie’s

Finally, if you are looking for a Noukie’s cuddly toy and can’t find it in our stores or at our resellers, we keep a stock of most of our teddies for at least two years after their final production date. You can find them through the SOS Noukie’s finder on our website.


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