16-ball LED Night light string, Oscar 16-ball LED Night light string, Oscar
16-ball LED Night light string, Oscar
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16-ball LED Night light string, Oscar

29.90 €
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29.90 €

Especially designed for a young child's room, this hand-woven light string made of 16 balls makes a wonderful night light. It will have your child fall asleep serenely in a soft, dimmed, and reassuring light. Configured to save maximum power, its light intensity drops by 50% when used in night light mode. Choose the timer mode and the light will turn off after 3 hours, lighting up 24 hours later for another set of 3 hours. The LED light bulbs inside the balls do not generate much heat, ensuring maximum safety during the three hours the light is on.

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Product code: A03775
  • 18 balls of 5.5cm diameter
  • Hand-woven balls
  • Low-tension transparent cable of 16 LEDs (1.5 meter distance from the first to the last LED + 1.5 meter cable to transformer, 10 cm between each LED, line string format)
  • Indoor use only
  • USB transformer
  • Dual-function switch: 3-hour timer mode and night light mode (2 light intensity levels: 100% and 50%) Each LED features a plastic skirt easing the support of the ball on the string