6 wooden sensory blocks 6 wooden sensory blocks 6 wooden sensory blocks
6 wooden sensory blocks

6 wooden sensory blocks

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These 6 blocks make a pefect toy to awaken the senses of the little ones. Besides being super entertaining, they will offer them their first hearing, visual and tactile experiences while testing their ability to differenciate movements, sounds and colours.

This set of 6 blocks includes 2 visual blocks, 2 textured blocks designed to awaken the touch, and 2 cubes meant to stimulate the hearing. On top of it all, the blocks can be stacked for some extra fun. We also love their pretty colours!

These Plantoys blocks were designed to help children grow up in a more sustainable world. They're made with recycled wood and their colours are water-based and non-toxic. For increased safety, we have rounded the edges of all our toys and made sure they are chemical-free.

These 6 blocks are perfect to stimulate a child's senses: the hearing, the touch and the sight. They enhance fine motor skills, strengthen the eye-hand coordination and encourage focus. Suitable from the age of 12 months.

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Product code: PT5257
  • 6 sensory blocks: 2 visual blocks, 3 hearing blocks, 2 textured blocks
  • Eco-friendy and non-toxic wooden toys
  • Stimulates the awakening of the senses
  • Awakens the eye-hand coordination
  • Stimulates the development of communication and vocabulary
  • From the age of 12 months
Recycled wood
4 x 4 x 4 cm

Handwash surface with a wet cloth