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Top To Toe Wash 250Ml Bubbles In The Breeze

Top To Toe Wash 250Ml Bubbles In The Breeze

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Noukie's Prime Description

This organic-certified top to toe wash gently cleanses both body and hair, whilst creating a delicately fragrant bath. Beautifully mild and soothing, it gently cares for the even most delicate, dry and irritation-prone skin.

  • The finely balanced formula is artfully blended with soothing meadowsweet, moisturising cucumber fruitand comforting oat kernel extract. Silky buttermilk conditions ever so gently, while nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants leave young skin feeling fresh, nurtured and protected. Tenderly infused with mandarinand orange pure essential oils, to calm, soothe and lend a subtle sweet fragrance.
  • 200ml
  • Color : White
Product code: XLBL002TTW
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