"Sacha" competition rules

Article 1 : ORGANISER

Publisher Noukies S.A., with its registered office at Avenue Zénobe Gramme 21, 1480 Saintes, Belgium, is organising a from May 28th to June 25th, with no monetary conditions or purchase obligations, entitled «BIG CONTEST - Win a teddy Sacha XL» on the Noukies S.A. company website.

These competition rules define the legal rules and modalities applicable to this contest. The information provided to web users on screen as the competition progresses completes these rules. 


  1. This competition is open to and reserved exclusively for any natural person of legal age living in Europe. 
    The Company reserves the right to carry out all necessary checks on the identity and postal and/or electronic addresses of Entrants.
  2. All Company and Partner staff members, including their families and spouses, shall be prohibited from participating in this competition and benefitting from the prize, either directly or indirectly.
  3. An entrant (with the same name, postal and e-mail address) can only participate to the contest once. Entry is strictly for named individuals and Entrants may not play under more than one pseudonym or on behalf of other Entrants under any circumstances.
  4. Persons not proving their full identities and contact details or who have provided inaccurate or false information shall be disqualified, along with persons refusing the collection, recording and use of their personal identification information that is strictly necessary for the purposes of managing the competition.
  5. Entry in the competition shall involve complete, unconditional acceptance of these rules, the rules of ethical conduct in force on the Internet as well as the laws and regulations applicable to competitions in Belgium and France by every Entrant. Failure to comply with said regulations shall lead to the automatic cancellation of the entry and any award of the prize. 


The competition takes place as follows:

  1. The Entrant visits the Noukie’s site (https://www.noukies.com/fr/sacha)  between May 28th and June 25th
  2. Entrants answer the subsidiary question.
  3. Entrants duly complete the fields of the competition entry form, that is: last name, first name, postal address, post code, town, country, email address, telephone number, birthday and gender etc.
  4. To be able to confirm their entry in the competition, Entrants must have correctly completed all the fields marked mandatory (in their forms).
  5. Entrants must then tick the box stating, “I accept the terms and conditions of the contest”. Entrants declare that they are acquainted with these obligatory rules.
  6. In case of digital participation : Once the contest participation form has been duly completed, and correctly sent, the Participant will see a confirmation message on his screen. The Participant will not receive an email confirmation of his participation.
  7. In case of participation in a physical point of sale : The participation will be validated once the contest entry form duly completed, will be deposited in the box provided for this purpose.



A winner will be selected by point of sale, website included. The winners will win the Sacha XL (N1911.150) stuffed toy. If the item selected by the winner is out of stock, the items will be chosen by the Organiser. 
The prize value indicated corresponds to the public price inclusive of taxes ordinarily charged or estimated on the date on which the rules are drafted; it is provided for information only and is subject to change.

The prize may not be exchanged for another item or any monetary value and may not give rise to any reimbursement in full or in part. Entrants are informed that the sale or exchange of the prize is strictly prohibited. However, the Organiser reserves the right to replace the prize offered with a prize of equivalent or higher value, inter alia, in the case of an unforeseeable, irrepressible, external event making it impossible to deliver the planned prize within a reasonable timeframe.

The Organiser may not be held liable for any incident/accident that may arise in the use of the prize.


The contest is valid from May 28th until June 25th. One winner per month is planned. There is 1 winner per point of sale, including website. The winners will be announced on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram before July 5th as well as by email. The participant agrees to reveal his name on social networks, if he is one of the winners.

The winners will be selected from the participants who gave the correct answer to the first question, and the answer closest to the actual answer to the second question compared to the other participants. In the event of a tie, a draw will be held to determine the winner.

The closing date to claim prizes is the 30th day as from the end of the period. After this deadline, the Organiser will be free to dispose of the prizes as it sees fit.

Winners will be chosen within 10 working days as from the end of the period. 
Winners will be named after checking their eligibility for the prizes. The Entrants named will be contacted by the Organiser at the email addresses given when they enter the competition.

If they do not make themselves known within thirty (30) days as from dispatch of the email by the organiser or its representatives, the Entrant will be deemed to have waived their rights to the prizes and the Organiser will be free to dispose of the prizes as it sees fit.

Winners must conform to the rules. Should it be proven that they do not meet the criteria of these rules, their prizes will not be awarded to them. Entrants authorize all checks on their identities, ages, postal addresses or the accuracy and sincerity of their entry. To this end, the Organiser reserves the right to request a copy of the identity documents of the winners prior to dispatch of the prize. Any false statement, identity information or false address shall lead to the immediate disqualification of the Entrant and, where applicable, the return of the prize at the cost of the winner.


In case of digital participation: The prizes will be sent to the postal address indicated by email by the winners within an indicative period of one month from the end of the contest. The Organizer can not be held responsible for sending the prize to an incorrect address due to erroneous or missing information or the negligence of one of the winners. If the prize could not be delivered for whatever reason, regardless of the will of the Organizer (the winner having moved without updating his address, etc.), the prize will definitely remain the property of L ' Organizer.

In case of participation in a physical point of sale: Prizes will be collected by the winner at the point of sale of the participation in the said contest within an indicative time of one month from the end of the contest.The Organiser may not be held liable for the dispatch of a prize to an incorrect address owing to incorrect or missing information or the negligence of one of the winners. If it has not been possible to deliver the prize for whatever reason, outside the control of the Organiser (because the winner has moved to a new house without updating their address etc.), the prize shall remain the property of The (sic) Organiser definitively.

The Organiser may not be held liable for delays, email delivery problems or loss of the prize dispatched to the winner by the carrier or postal delays for reasons outside its control. All brands or product names quoted are registered trademarks of their respective owners.  


Entry in the competition: «BIG CONTEST - Win a teddy Sacha XL» involves knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, inter alia, where the technical performances, response times to consult, query or transfer information, interruption risks and, more generally, risks involved in any Internet transmission or connection, the absence of protection of certain data against any loss and the risks of contamination by any viruses on the network are concerned.

Consequently, the Organiser may not be held liable for the following under any circumstance, without this list being exhaustive:

• the transmission and/or receipt of any datum and/or information on the Internet;
• any malfunction of the Internet preventing the correct development/operation of the competition;
• failure of any communication lines or receiving equipment;
• loss of any mail, in hard copy or electronic, and, more generally, the loss of any datum;
• delivery problems;
• the functioning of any software;
• the consequences of any malware, virus, computer bug, anomaly or technical fault;
• any damage caused to the computer by an Entrant;
• any technical, hardware or software default of any kind, preventing or limiting the possibility of participating in the competition or damaging the system of an Entrant;
• the malfunction of the prizes distributed within the framework of the competition and any direct and/or indirect damage that they might cause.
Conditions générales

It is specified that the Organiser may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from a power failure, any malfunction for any reason or any damage that might result, in any way, from a connection to the site within the framework of this competition. Each Entrant shall be responsible for taking all appropriate steps to protect their own data and/or software stored on their hardware against any attack. 

Entrants enter the competition at their entire responsibility.

The Organiser may cancel all or part of the «BIG CONTEST - Win a teddy Sacha XL» competition if it suspects fraud, inter alia, online fraud or fraud in deciding the finalists or the winner.

In this case, the Organiser reserves the right not to award the prize to fraudsters and/or to pursue the perpetrators of this fraud through the competent courts. However, the Organiser may not be held liable for any fraud committed in any manner with regard to the Entrants.

The fact of an Entrant using one or more fictitious pseudonyms or pseudonyms borrowed from one or more third persons shall be considered fraud, inter alia, each Entrant having to participate in the competition under their own unique name. Any fraud shall lead to the disqualification of the Entrant.

The Organiser may not be held liable if the competition were to be altered, shortened or cancelled in the case of force majeure or a fact outside its control. In all cases, the Organiser reserves the right to extend the entry period and to postpone any date announced.

Changes to all or some of these rules shall be made with one calendar days’ notice. Any change to the rules shall enter into force as from its provision on the website (https://www.noukies.com/fr/sacha)  and every Entrant shall be deemed to have accepted said change simply by entering the competition, as from the date of entry into force of the change.

Any participant refusing the modifications to the game will not be able to participate any longer. Any addendum registered in this way shall be sent free of charge to any person having requested the rules in writing under the same conditions as above. The request must be made to the following address: 
Avenue Zénobe Gramme 21, 1480 Saintes, Belgium.


Failure to comply with these rules as well as any fraud or attempted fraud, committed with a view to receiving the prize unduly or any malicious intent to disrupt the development of the competition may give rise to the disqualification of its perpetrator, the Organiser reserving the right to begin judicial proceedings against them.

The Organiser reserves the right to carry out any check on compliance with this Article and all the rules, inter alia, to dismiss any Entrant, who has committed any abusive act or attempted fraud without being obliged to carry out a systematic check on all entries in the competition, however, but having the possibility of limiting any check to the entries of the potential winner. 


These rules are freely accessible and printable from the Organiser’s website (https://www.noukies.com/fr/sacha) .

The rules are available free of charge to any person requesting them from the competition Organiser at the following address: "«BIG CONTEST - Win a teddy Sacha XL» ” – Noukies, Avenue Zénobe Gramme 21, 1480 Saintes, Belgium. 
No replies shall be issued to verbal requests regarding this competition. 


Entrants are reminded that in order to enter the competition, they must necessarily provide certain personal information about themselves (name and address etc.). This information is registered and saved and is necessary to take into account the entry, determination of the finalists and winners and award and delivery of the prizes and will only be used by the Organiser within the framework of its organisation and promotion. This information is meant for the Organiser and may be forwarded to its technical suppliers who need it, inter alia, for the dispatch of prizes, in accordance with Articles 4, 5, 9 and 12 of the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of private life with regard to personal data processing.

Pursuant to amended French Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and Article 12 of the Belgian Data Protection Act of 8 December 1992, Entrants shall have the right to access, correct and remove their data. In order to exercise these rights, Entrants shall write to the following address: 
"Sacha" Competition – Noukies, Avenue Zénobe Gramme 21, 1480 Saintes, Belgium. 

Article 9 : DISPUTES

These rules are subject to French and Belgian law.

In order to be taken into account, any objections relating to the competition must be made in writing to the following address: «BIG CONTEST - Win a teddy Sacha XL» Competition – Noukies, Avenue Zénobe Gramme 21, 1480 Saintes, Belgium ,thirty (30) days after the deadline for entering the competition as indicated in these rules at the latest. 

Any question regarding the application or interpretation of the rules or any unforeseen question that might be asked, shall be submitted to the Organiser preliminarily.

In the event of a persistent disagreement as to the application or interpretation of these rules and failing an amicable agreement, disputes shall be submitted to the competent court of Paris and/or Brussels to which exclusive jurisdiction is attributed.

Should one or more provisions of these rules be declared null or inapplicable, the other clauses would retain their full force and scope.