The e-Giftcard

The e-Giftcard

A nice way to pamper!

A birth? A birthday? Want to pamper someone?

Because it is not always easy to find the right gift, Noukie's has thought of you. With the e-Giftcard you don't have to choose!


The e-Giftcard is here, and you can already use it in all the Noukie's stores. The Gift Cards purchased in our Noukie's stores are also valid on the and webshops.

Valid online or in store
1 year to enjoy it
Can be used in one or more times
No limits to spoil
How does it work?
Using an e-giftcard
  1. Consult the balance of my Gift Card or e-Giftcard

  2. I use my e-Giftcard in the store or on the webshop

  3. The amount of my purchases is deducted from the balance of my e-Giftcard

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Give an e-Giftcard
  1. I buy a Giftcard in store or an e-Giftcard here on

  2. I enter the data of the lucky recipient and I personalize my message

  3. I choose the visuals and the amount of the e-Giftcard

  4. I give the e-Giftcard myself or I send the e-Giftcard by e-mail on the date of my choice

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