Guss Tidou

Guss Tidou

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Tidou Guss the sheep with Velcro so you can easily clip it to your baby’s pyjama or pacifier. This Victor tidou act as the perfect ‘transitional object’ between home and day care and comforts the little ones when their mums and dads are not around. Supremely soft, light and easy to grab. The colourful labels, materials and dimensions evoke baby’s senses in a secure way. Noukie’s tip: mums can sleep with the doudou to impregnate it with their smell so that the little ones are reassured when mum is not around. And…why not have two identical tidou’s at home so you always have a spare one when the other one is in the washing machine or got lost.

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Product code: N1611.19

Noukie’s develops soft toys which offer children all the consolation and serenity they need. The softness of our Veloudoux® fabric is comparable to that of their mummies and respect the delicate skin of the newly born. Even after numerous washing wash cycles, Guss maintains his supreme softness. Noukie’s knows how babies and small children are drawn to a smile; that is why all our soft toys come with friendly, smiling faces which will remind them of mummy’s and daddy’s tenderness.

Veloudoux® 100% polyester and velvet (80% cotton, 20% polyester)
27 x 27 cm

Washable in washing machine - 30°C. To keep its softness and flexibility, can be put in the dryer (on soft mode)