Humidifier and air purifier Humidifier and air purifier Humidifier and air purifier
Humidifier and air purifier
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Humidifier and air purifier

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The periods of confinement teach us how important it is for the health of baby and the whole family to have healthy air at all times!

With NanoCloud technology, safer from a hygienic point of view and without the formation of water drops
  1. The absorbent filter of the humidifier traps large particles such as dust and human or animal hair by sucking in dry air.
  2. The advanced evaporation system with NanoCloud technology introduces water molecules into the air to humidify it, without bacteria or limescale.
  3. The healthy air is discharged from the humidifier at a constant speed, for healthy and pleasant humidified air in your home, without the formation of water droplets.
Automatic switch-off
When the water tank (2l) is empty and needs to be recharged, the air quality protection lock turns the humidifier off and the red light comes on to warn you that the humidifier is off.
Silent mode and Night mode
You can choose between silent, standard or powerful mode as well as a night mode which operates with a minimum of lights on.
Uniform diffusion
The humidifier precisely combats the drying of the air and diffuses it evenly throughout the house or room.
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Product code: HU4801.01
  • 2l tank, easy to fill
  • Recommended room size: 25m².
  • Humidifying capacity: 220ml/h
  • Timer: 1, 4 or 8 hours
  • Technology: cold steam by evaporation
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Noise level: 26 dB(A)
  • Replace the filter every 6 months

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