Long-Sleeved Teedy And Polo Collar

Long-Sleeved Teedy And Polo Collar

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This Cocon day body for baby boy is white with a small polo collar and long sleeves. It can be worn as a top with trouserss. The particularity of Noukie's: the Noukie's bodies are very fitting to wrap up the baby's body like a layer of skin. Also, the incomparable softness of Noukie's, with a peach touch thanks to the peach finish technique.

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Noukie's prioritises premium quality. It explains the great durability of our clothing, that are transmitted from one child to another within families. For Noukie's, security is one of the essential values. That is why we and our suppliers ensure that all our products comply with the strictest European standards.

95% cotton - 5% elastane

Machine wash at 30°C is recommended.