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Mia Feelou

Mia Feelou

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Noukie's Prime Description

The Mia feelou sensory cuddly toy is ideal as a sensory toy for newborns with its different materials, colours and sounds. Mia contains a small bell which produces a soft audible tinkle when your baby plays with the toy. The ring attached to the cuddly toy makes it easier for your baby to hold and acts as a rattle with the small, coloured balls inside it. The incredibly soft Veloudoux® fur is slightly longer to help your baby to differentiate Mia from other cuddly toys. Mia's paws are ideally shaped to fit in your baby's mouth to help during teething. Noukie's has added colourful patches in different materials and sizes to safely stimulate your baby's senses. It's easy to fasten Mia to your baby's car seat, crib and playpen with the Velcro fastening. It's the perfect companion for your baby during a walk.

  • Veloudoux® 100% polyester
  • 26 cm
  • Color : Pink
Product code: N1621.45
Available with a gift wrap.