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Neon Swimdress Double Protection

Neon Swimdress Double Protection

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Noukie's Prime Description

A double protection swimmingsuit version is available for girls with detachable knickers. It can be used with or without protection as your child's toilet training progressed. For maximum safety, the lining is guaranteed phthalate-free.

  • 90% polyamide 10% Elastane
  • Rinseáthoroughlyáafteráeacháuseá-áDoánotáleaveáyouráswimsuitáwetáináaábagá-áHandáwasháyouráswimwearáinámildásoapyáwaterá-áDoánotádryáyouráswimsuitáinátheásunáoránearáaásourceáofáheatá(radiator,áetc.)áandádoánotátumbleádry.
  • Color : Turquoise
Product code: A507510