Nos valeurs

Uttermost Softness

Our brand is centered on the French word "douceur", which means softness, or tenderness. "Douceur" can take on several meanings. It can mean the sweetness of life, sugary sweets, the tenderness of a song, or even the softness of a baby's skin.



Our capacity to innovate, to develop surprising, esthetic, ergonomic, and functional products that are perfectly adapted to babies and their parents, constitutes our brand. It is with this in mind that we continue to create our products today.



This affective forthcoming which aims to do good, brings our teams together, and gives us reasons to conceive products that contribute to the happiness of others on a daily basis.



At Noukie's, we all have a bit of a child in us... Our capacity to invent new stories for children is infinite, which is why, over time, characters are created, and new ones will arrive soon!



Yes, we are very rigorous; with ourselves, but also with our partners. We cannot imagine taking the smallest risk when it comes to children's safety! This is also one of our trademarks.