Paco scale dark blue Paco scale dark blue Paco scale dark blue
Paco scale dark blue

Paco scale dark blue

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The dark blue Paco scale has been designed in the shape of a plush toy. Its material is very soft and padded to provide all the softness a child needs. The handles and the bottom of the rocker are made of quality wood so that the child can hold on tightly. The seat has been designed to support the child's back and to ensure stability. As from 12 months old.

Adorable with its long ears, the Paco scale will enchant the little ones! Very soft, this toy will amuse your child for long hours of play, while developing his sense of balance. It can also be used as a piece of decoration in a child’s room.

Noukie's little plus: the small seat belt.

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Product code: N2023.70
  • Soft and padded material
  • Handles and the bottom of the scale are made of light quality wood
  • Seat designed to support the back and stability
  • Seatbelt
  • Design and fun
  • Develops the sense of balance
  • As from 12 months old
100% polyester
Number of pieces of set

Wash with a wet rag