Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD841 Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD841 Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD841
Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD841
Philips Avent

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD841

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179.95 €

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The Philips AVENT SCD841 baby monitor with HD colour screen is essential for keeping a close eye on baby and intervening if necessary with the microphone at any time of the day or night. The plus: the 2x digital zoom and the camera movement function as well as a temperature sensor for even more comfort for you and baby.

Night and day, keep an eye on baby thanks to the 3.5 inch HD colour screen
The 3.5-inch high definition colour screen with night vision allows you to keep an eye on baby day and night. The 2x digital zoom and the camera shift function allow you to look at baby from all angles and ensure his comfort.
Communicate with baby
Thanks to the clear quality sound, you can listen to baby sleeping. Also, you can communicate with baby to reassure him through the microphone. The sensitivity of the volume and the microphone is naturally adjustable to your environment.

If baby needs a bit of quiet, you can select remotely 5 relaxing lullabies to make baby feel good immediately.

Privacy and range of the babyphone
The babyphone offers you a range of 50m indoors and up to 300m outdoors.

With its private and secure connection, the babyphone provides an exclusive link between you and baby. The A-FHSS technology limits interference in order to secure your connection.

Autonomy and low consumption mode
The parent-unit receiver is very practical and rechargeable. So there are no problems with wires and you can walk around your home light-headed. The receiver has a 10-hour battery life.

The Eco mode allows you to decrease the consumption of the parent-unit when you know that baby is really calm. When this Eco mode is activated, audio and video transmissions are deactivated. However, if baby wakes up and makes a little noise, then the two units will reconnect. You can also activate a vibrate mode for more discreet notifications.

LED lights show you the quality of the connectivity between the two units.

Suitable for use from birth.

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Product code: SCD841.26
  • 3.5" colour, high definition and night vision screen
  • Parent-unit on battery, 10 hours autonomy
  • Private and secure FHSS connection
  • Indoor range: 50m
  • Outdoor range: up to 300m
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Digital zoom X2
  • Connectivity quality indicators LED
  • 5 relaxing lullabies
  • Listen, see and communicate with baby
  • Eco-Mode
  • Vibrate mode
  • Temperature sensor
  • From birth

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