Pullover With V Collar Pullover With V Collar Pullover With V Collar
Pullover With V Collar

Pullover With V Collar

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39.95 €

This V collar pullover for baby and little boy affiche is a luminous turquoise and part of the City Chic theme.

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Product code: Z654002

Noukie's favours premium quality, particularly for its knits. It is the composition of the item of clothing that determines its warmth, not the thickness of the stitching: the presence of cashmere guarantees the warmth of the knits. For Noukie's, security is one of the essential values. That is why we and our suppliers ensure that all our products comply with the strictest European standards.

56% cotton - 23% viscose - 16% nylon - 5%cashmere

Machine wash delicate cycle at 30°C.