Set of 5 organic modelling clay tubes, 800g Set of 5 organic modelling clay tubes, 800g Set of 5 organic modelling clay tubes, 800g
Set of 5 organic modelling clay tubes, 800g

Set of 5 organic modelling clay tubes, 800g

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The Ailefo modelling clay is organic and is environmentally safe for you and your little one! Modelling clay is a basic element that can be found in all children's toy boxes.

What could be more fun than building a colourful imaginary world from this set of 5 x 160g tubs of modelling clay in different colours (yellow, brown, purple, blue, black)!

For even more fun and creativity, we recommend that you provide your young artist with the Ailefo wooden tools (board, roller, small knife, storage bag) suitable for the modelling clay.

Ailefo clay is both fun and safe for your child. We like the fact that we can use it with complete peace of mind. It is made from flour, water and vegetable oil. It is naturally coloured thanks to different plants such as algae, mushrooms or berries of organic origin. In addition, the plant oil used in the composition of the modelling clay has a moisturising power against dry little hands. Also, even if it is not very tasty, there is no worry if your child accidentally ingests it: the ingredients used are natural and edible. Finally, Ailefo modelling clay is hypoallergenic and contains no perfume.

Modelling clay plays an important role in a child's successful development: development of imagination, building skills, development of sense of touch. Age recommandation: from 3 years old.

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Product code: AIL10301
  • 5 x 160g tubes of Ailefo organic modelling clay in different colours: yellow, brown, purple, blue, black
  • Hypoallergenic, perfume free modelling clay
  • Modelling clay tubes: 100% recycled paper
  • Age recommandation : +3 years old
Composition of the modelling dough: flour, water, salt, vegetable oil of organic origin, natural colourings, potassium sobarte, enamel. Contains no perfume.
22,5 x 10 cm