Soft Toy Mini Musical Guss

Soft Toy Mini Musical Guss

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Mini musical soft toy of Guss the sheep that comforts your baby and lulls your little one to sleep with its soft, reassuring melody. The signature of Noukie’s: the musical soft toy comes with Velcro so that you can attach it easily to baby’s bed, the car seat, the pushing chair,... The drawstring disappears progressively into the toy’s tummy, so it’s completely safe. The soft toy is easy to transport so you can take it everywhere with you to reassure your little one.

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Product code: N1611.21

Quality and safety lie at the heart of our production design processes. Safety is one of our key values. That is why both we and our suppliers make sure that our products comply with the most stringent European standards. Every day, we design products that contribute to parents’ and kids’ happiness.

Veloudoux® 100% polyester, string 100% cotton, plastic handle
15 cm

On the surface only