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Little adventurers can discover the new imaginary world of Gaby the rabbit and its loyal companion: Sam the polar bear.

The marvellous world of these two characters brings its magical touch to all key nursery items: crib bumpers, sleeping bags, blankets, mobiles and pyjamas.

Each Noukie's product line is focused on softness and cosiness.
Our main fabrics are downy veloudoux and jersey so little ones can enjoy the ultimate level of comfort.
These two fabrics are also ideal for mixing together.

For this new collection, we offer you a "BIO TIMELESS" capsule, where the products areGOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which means that they have been produced in an environmentally manner and in occordance with fair trade principles.

The cotton from which they are made is 100% organic and all their constituent elements are Oeko-Tex® certified.
This responsible approach to production ensures that the wellbeing and harmony of both people and nature are preserved.

The TIMELESS collection will be in stores from end-February.

The new collection features new graphic and artistic prints in a more neutral colour range (grey, ivory, mustard) which is also more sophisticated with more striking prints.

The Noukie's world and characters are even more vivid thanks to these new innovations, while still featuring typical softness, gentleness and comfort levels.