Universal electronic steam steriliser
Philips Avent

Universal electronic steam steriliser

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Gift wrapping available  

80.95 €

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Designed to save you time, you can sterilise 6 bottles in 6 minutes.

Suitable for all types and brands of bottles and other equipment
Thanks to its variable height, it takes less space in the kitchen while allowing you to sterilise soothers, breast pumps, plates, small and large bottles (up to 330ml), with wide or narrow necks.
For 99.9% bacteria removal
Thanks to the natural steam and without the use of chemicals, your objects will be perfectly sterile and baby can be fed in complete safety.

The contents will remain sterile for 24 hours if you do not lift the lid.

For automatic sterilisation
The steriliser has an integrated display that allows you to follow the progress of the sterilisation cycle and switches off automatically after 6 minutes.

It also shows you when the bottles have cooled down and can be safely removed.

For easy cleaning of small accessories
The included dishwasher basket allows you to group small items in the dishwasher and place them together in the steriliser
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Product code: SCF286.02
  • Sterilisation time: 6 minutes
  • Bottle type: wide or narrow neck, up to 330ml
  • Number of bottles: up to 6
  • Dishwasher basket included
  • Power consumption: 650W

Wash with wet cloth