Your custom items

How to customize your item? It's child's play!

  1. Choose your favorite item from our different themes

  2. Add the first name to embroider

  3. Add it to your basket

That’s all there is to it!

Give your little one a soft toy

Give your little one a soft toy or a first blanket, the comforting companion of thousands of children, but this time... personalized!

A lifelong souvenir full of sweetness, the customisation is the ideal original gift that will accompany your baby on all his adventures.

In addition to the qualities of our products (softness and comfort), they will enchant toddlers and kids with their exclusive character.

Thanks to its embroidered name, it will always find his way back to its owner.

Do you want to know which items you can customize? We made a list for you:

Sleeping bags
Muslin blankets
Bath sets
My first blanket

One thing is certain, this original gift will make someone happy !