Lina & Joy

On a beautiful spring morning, Lina the unicorn is walking through the fairy forest. On her way she meets Pili, a small rabbit with a silky fur and a determined look on her face. With her adorable little snout, Pili blows with all her strength on the magic dandelion that thrones among the trees.

Much too tall for her, the large yellow flower remains motionless, despite all the efforts of the rabbit who is running out of breath to make the seeds that lie in her heart fly away. It is essential, however, that these small seeds with their magical power fly up to the sky, where they turn into shining stars that light up the animals of the forest at night.

Lina, a wise and benevolent unicorn, suggests to Pili that she climbs on her back to bring her closer to the dandelion. But nothing helps, the gigantic flower remains out of the reach of the little rabbit who refuses to give up.