Our comforters

The comforting companion of thousands of children. Discover the little extras of this cuddly toy that awakens and reassures baby.

Why a comforter ?

The comforter has a very special function for babies. Winnicott at the beginning of the 20th century, then many other pediatricians since, have confirmed that it plays the role of a transitional object that allows the baby to make the link between them and their mother's arms, to get used to the times when she is not at their side.

For this reason, Noukie's designs soft toys that provide our little dreamers with all the comfort and serenity they expect: the softness of the Veloudoux® and the organic cotton muslin comparable to that of mummy, a smiley and kindly face just like their parents, providing a** feeling of safety**.


Very soft Veloudoux fabric and organic cotton muslin:

  • Solid
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Dryer on soft program

A baby can get very attached to their comforter.
Noukie's advice: buy 2 or 3 to avoid sorrow in case of loss.

Velcro fastener

Thanks to its velcro fastening, the comforter can be easily attached:

  • to the sleeve of Noukie's pyjamas: to avoid losing it and avoid sorrows
  • to the pacifier: both a pacifier holder and soft toy, 2-in-1

Labels to awaken your baby's senses

Multiple coloured labels, of different materials and sizes to stimulate your baby's senses in complete safety.

The puppet comforter

The comforter can be transformed into a puppet thanks to the opening in its head so that mom and dad can slide their fingers in it and bring baby's favorite character to life!

Lost comforter ?

For all soft toys, Noukie's guarantees the availability of the item for at least 2 years after the end of their production. It allows buying back the soft toy when your baby has lost it and avoids sorrows.


Give your little one a soft toy, the comforting companion of thousands of children, but this time... customized!

A lifelong souvenir full of sweetness, the personalisation is the ideal original gift that will accompany your baby on all his adventures.

In addition to the qualities of our comforters, they will enchant toddlers and kids with their exclusive character.

Thanks to its embroidered name, it will always find its way back to its owner.