For the love of our children

It was in 1992, after the birth of our son, Amaury, that we decided to take on the entrepreneurial adventure and start distributing soft toys.

Based on experience and the fact that the soft toys of the time were not at all adapted to toddlers, we wanted to offer a reassuring and hygienic alternative by creating our own brand of short-haired and washable soft toys with a wide, friendly smile and embroidered eyes. This is how Noukie's, the brand with the Veloudoux soft toys, was born.

Today Noukie's has grown, the product lines have expanded but it is still with the same passion that we guide you in the adventure of parenthood. Our product teams work towards a common goal: the creation of qualitative, creative and practical products for the comfort, safety and well-being of your children.

Quality has been part of Noukie's values since its creation, and we have always created sustainable products that can be passed on from one child to another, to a cousin, a neighbor or a friend. But today, we are going further: we opt for materials that are more environmentally friendly, recycled or recyclable, and we think about the ecological footprint of our actions.

We are aware of the responsibility we have towards your children. We are committed to doing everything possible to provide them with a cleaner, greener planet so that they can keep on dreaming, exploring, thriving, laughing and growing.

Katia et Simon-Pierre Gilliot-De Paepe