As softness is our main value, the choice of materials is an essential element in the development of our products.

Our materials cover the skin of babies and children throughout the day and during their sweet dreams. It is therefore essential to make products that respect their sensitive skin.

The durability and quality of our products are very important to us, which is why at Noukie's, the product teams take great care in selecting the materials that make up our products: high-quality, sturdy, always ultra-soft and free of toxic components.

We now opt for materials produced in an eco-friendly manner. Our goal is to continue this approach and reach 100% by 2025.


Where can you find it? On our soft toys and comforters, as well as in a large part of our nursery collection such as sleeping bags, bed bumpers, blankets and play mats.

Veloudoux®, a 100% polyester material created by Noukie's, is a very soft velvet-like fabric with optimal hygiene and safety properties. Most of our Veloudoux® items are lined with 100% cotton jersey, which allows good absorption of perspiration. Its easy care, extreme softness and thermal aspect make it an ideal material for babies.



These are synthetic fibres often mixed with other fibres, such as cotton, to soften the product and stabilise the stitch in the wash. For example, velvet pyjamas cannot be knitted without polyester as it is the key to a soft and radiant finish. Polyester is very sturdy and has a good elasticity which prevents the product from shrinking or deforming during washing. Its advantage: ease of care (quick drying, no ironing required).


Where can you find it? Mainly in the pyjamas collection.

Most of our pyjamas are made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester 300g/m2, a heavier and thicker material that ensures a premium quality to our velvet. Easy to care for, it does not need to be ironed after drying. Its softness offers your child optimal comfort for a good night's sleep.


Where can you find it? Mainly on our sleeping bags and blankets, and on some textile items such as jackets and accessories.

Groloudoux® is a 100% polyester material, made by Noukie’s, offered as an alternative to faux fur due to its thermal aspect reinforced by padding. Perfect for winter, it wraps baby in a soft and warm cocoon.

Faux fur

Where can you find it? Mainly on our sleeping bags and blankets, and for certain textile items such as jackets and accessories.

Faux fur is a soft and silky material that is characterised by its hairy appearance. It provides optimal warmth in very cold weather. Noukie's products in faux fur are lined with 100% cotton jersey, which helps to absorb perspiration.


Where can you find it? Mainly on our sleeping bags and blankets.

Ideal for winter, teddy is a thick, sturdy terry cloth named after the famous soft teddy bear. Soft, supple and moisture-absorbing, it offers your baby a warm and comfortable cocoon.


Where can you find it? Mainly on our sleeping bags and blankets, and for certain textile items such as jackets and accessories.

Sherpa, made of 100% polyester, is a fabric that is as warm as it is comfortable, with a very soft feel that covers your child with tenderness. It is sturdy and will not wrinkle in the wash.



Cotton is the most common component in our fabrics. As it is hypoallergenic, it protects baby's fragile skin. Cotton is a natural material renowned for its softness, comfort and absorbency. It can also be easily mixed with other materials.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a natural fibre that has not undergone any chemical treatment, which allows it to retain all its anti-allergenic properties. Organic cotton is a material cultivated without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), fertilizers or pesticides. This production method is more respectful of human health and the environment. Making organic cotton clothes that respect the sensitive skin of the little ones means helping to build the world of tomorrow!

Cotton muslin

Where can you find it? Mainly in our Spring-Summer nursery collection, notably on our sleeping bags, swaddles, blankets and duvet covers. Cotton muslin is also used for some of our soft toys.

This light and breathable 100% cotton fabric feels soft and comfortable, yet cool. Perfect for mid-season and summer, it allows air to circulate protecting your child from overheating. Its fibres have anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties that protect your baby's delicate skin.


Where can you find it? In our autumn-winter clothing collections.

Sweatoloudoux®, Noukie's flagship winter fabric, is a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. This material is extremely comfortable, very soft on the inside and very warm. It makes life easier as a parent because it is easy to care for and its stretchy fibres make dressing easier.

Canvas cloth

Where can you find it? It is used for our bibs, aprons and booster seats.

Because babies are very creative with food, our designers have developed items in waxed canvas, a waterproof, flexible and very easy to clean material.

Other materials


Cashmere is a thin and very soft fibre obtained from the long and silky wool of the cashmere goat. It is a natural and high quality material renowned for its insulating effect. It is also thermoregulating and adapts to the body temperature. Cashmere is silky to the touch.


Artificial fibre made from wood chips. Viscose fibre is silky and soft to the touch. It is particularly pleasant to wear. Its advantage: ease of care (no ironing required and dries very quickly).


Where can you find it? Jersey is perfect for many items and can be found in a wide range of clothing and nursery items.

It is a very high quality knitted fabric, soft and supple to the touch, and is often used to make all types of clothes. Our jersey material undergoes a "peach finish" treatment which consists of scratching the surface to make it even softer.


Softness and quality

Noukie's uses mainly natural fibres, which in some cases are mixed with synthetic fibres to improve the quality of the material. All our fabrics are ultra-soft: most undergo a "peach finish" treatment which consists of scraping the surface to make them softer.

Softness,comfort and ease of care are priorities at Noukie's.

What can I do with the clothes that my baby no longer wears?

Quality has been part of Noukie’s values since its creation, and we have always created lasting products. The clothes your baby no longer wear can therefore have a second life and be passed on from one child to another, to a cousin, a neighbour or a friend.


Where can you find it? Natural rubber is used for our teething toys and teething rings.

Our rubber is natural rubber, sustainably harvested from the rubber tree. It is completely airtight and does not harbour any bacteria. Hand-painted with non-toxic water-based dyes, natural rubber is safe for newborns and children. Its advantages: certified non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free.