Kind to our children, kind to our planet

For 20 years, we have been accompanying your babies with passion, from their birth to the age of 8. Our teams have developed a real know-how in the design of products and the choice of materials adapted to the impressive growth of children during their first years.

The choice of materials is an essential element in the development of products: qualitative, sturdy , always ultra-soft, without toxic components.

We now also opt for materials produced in an eco-friendly manner. Today, a great part of our collection is made with eco-friendly materials. Our goal is to continue this approach.

"Quality has been part of Noukie's values since its creation, and we have always created sustainable products that can be passed on from one child to another, to a cousin, a neighbor or a friend. But today we go further: we opt for more environmentally friendly, recycled or recyclable materials, and we think about the ecological footprint of our actions. We are aware that together we can have a **positive impact **on the future of our planet".

Katia Gilliot – De Paepe, fondatrice et CEO de Noukies SA

What exactly does organic mean ?

What does this cotton flower represent on Noukie's clothing and nursery articles? You will certainly have noticed the sticker that adorns some of our latest collections.

Guaranteed organic cotton (at least 70%), our organic products are made from sustainable natural fibres, selected with the greatest care. They have not undergone any chemical treatment, which allows them to retain their anti-allergenic properties. Your baby’s fragile and sensitive skin is thus better protected, right from birth.

This method of production, without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), fertilisers or pesticides, is more respectful of the health of local producers and the environment. The use of natural compost reduces the water consumption necessary for cotton cultivation. Although this method of production implies lower yields, we are convinced of its relevance and continue to make efforts to enrich our collection with it.

Organic, but at what price ?

You may have noticed that the price of our organic cotton products is comparable to that of conventional products. This is our way of making this eco-friendly material accessible to everyone.

Making organic cotton clothes that respect the sensitive skin of the little ones means helping to build the world of tomorrow!

In our shops, all our organic articles are recognisable by their brown cardboard packaging or their label. On our website you can find them by the "organic" label. Our articles with an **“organic” sticker **have one of the two following certifications

OEKO-TEX : The Textile Trust Label

OEKO-TEX is the guarantee of textile products that respect health and the environment. This certification can be found on our articles intended for the little ones. Obtaining this label is the fruit of a long journey. Each of the components, from the raw materials to the accessories, is subject to rigorous and strict tests by independent laboratories. The entire production chain is therefore checked to ensure that the regulatory thresholds for harmful substances are respected. OEKO - TEX certified articles are not necessarily "organic".

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): Safety, transparency and stricter requirements

Even more demanding, the GOTS certification guarantees the **organic origin of at least 70% **of the fibres that make up the textiles, but not only! GOTS certified products have been designed with respect for men and nature, without fertilisers or pesticides.

All items are subject to strict controls throughout the supply chain. You can therefore be sure that they comply with the applicable standards on the European market, both technically and chemically.

The difference between GOTS and OEKO-TEX can be simplified by the following equation:


An ethical and social fashion

Concerned about fair trade, we have always sourced from suppliers selected according to ethical criteria. We, therefore, have a charter that our factories must respect. Before entering into a partnership, and then on a regular basis, our internal teams visit the factory to check the quality of production and compliance with standards and regulations. Our factories must at least have the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certificate, which guarantees that the factory and its supply chain respect a precise code of conduct.

Supporting disadvantaged women and children in India

Some factories go even further. One of our suppliers of organic products from India makes helping the community a point of honour. The founder is one of the ones to hire women in the region. In addition, the factory hires and supports women who are victims of acid burns, a horrific practice that is unfortunately common in some parts of India. In the same factory, fabric scraps are donated to schools so that children can learn by playing with the teachers and make rugs. These mats are then sold to the community and allow disabled children to have some sort of pocket money for outdoor activities.

Here in Belgium, we work with Village n°1, which carries out logistical tasks such as sorting, labelling, or repackaging items. Village n°1 supports people with disabilities or difficulties who have left the traditional employment circuit by offering them a job with appropriate support.

Respect for ecology and the environment starts at home!

Since respect for the environment must start at home, Noukie's has been doing its bit for many years.

To supply our warehouses, we favour maritime transport, which is much more environmentally friendly than road or air transport.

The photovoltaic panels on the roof of our offices and warehouse in Saintes generate 30% of our electricity consumption, with a carbon footprint 7x smaller than that of gas, or 19x smaller than that of coal.

In 2013, we replaced the lighting in all our shops with LED lamps, saving 55% of our electricity consumption. The same investment in our warehouses saves 65% of electricity consumption.

Moreover, sorting waste and reducing the use of printers has long been a practice at Noukie's. And when we are thirsty, we go to the water fountain with our glass.

Our solidarity actions

The Pairi Daiza Foundation

Pairi Daiza is a wildlife park located in Belgium. "It offers its visitors a day of wonder in contact with wild animals and makes them aware of the beauty and fragility of nature.

Because saving the planet also involves preserving animal species, Noukie's supports the Pairi Daiza Foundation. The foundation's objectives are habitat protection, the reintroduction of animal species, scientific research, and the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

In this context, we sponsor a two-toed sloth and an Asian elephant.

Through these different actions and projects, Noukie's gives back to the community what it has given to it over the years.