Our pyjamas

Advantages of baby pyjamas

Models of pyjamas designed for babies

There are four models of baby pyjamas at Noukie's: the front opening or the back opening with long or short sleeves and legs. The front opening, with snap buttons, is ideal for toddlers from birth to 3 months.

It limits baby's handling while his neck and head support are still fragile. The back opening is recommended when your baby is gaining weight and no longer wants to stay still. Both models have snap buttons on the crotch, which makes changing easier.

Baby pyjamas with an elasticated ankle

Because a baby has a natural tendency to bend his legs, in a so-called "frog" position, we've designed our pyjamas with an elastic band on the ankle so that the leg of the pyjamas follows the baby's legs movements. For more comfort, warmth and safety.

Baby pyjamas with a security blanket clip

On the right sleeve of each pyjamas, we have integrated a small link to attach the Noukie's comforter of your little one. This way, there is no risk of misplacing it and avoiding distress.

Baby pyjamas with a non-slip system

From 9 months of age, because baby will try to get up by clinging to the furniture, it is important that they do not slip. Hence, we put a non-slip fabric under the feet that has been tested and certified without phthalates.

Unprecedented pyjamas thanks to our loyal friends

Pyjamas to match your little one's room? It's possible.
Each nursery collection includes matching baby pyjamas. In addition, you will find our loyal companions on most of our pyjamas.
We never get tired of Nouky, Paco, Lola and their friends!

Summer or winter pyjamas

For colder nights, we recommend the use of velvet pyjamas. At Noukie's, we have selected a **superior quality **velvet for its extreme softness, suppleness and warmth. Their thickness allows many machine washes and we even suggest to put it in the dryer to keep their soft handfeel. Moreover, thanks to its quality, you can pass it on from one child to another or please a friend.

For warmer periods, we recommend cotton jersey pyjamas. Made of 100% cotton, it will prevent baby from sweating.

For mid-season, we also offer **terry **and double-sided jersey.