Our sleeping bags

Sleeping bags' benefits

The sleeping bags are very easy to use

Simply put your baby in the sleeping bag, tie it up properly and place your baby in the bed with just a fitted sheet underneath.

To change your baby during the night, no need to remove the sleeping bag completely:

Noukie's has designed its sleeping bags so that you only have to open the bottom, with a zipper. Your baby can even continue to sleep while you change him!

For babies and young children, sleeping bags are the best option to ensure peaceful nights

Sleeping bags ensure baby's safety

The sleeping bag greatly improves the safety of your baby or young child:

  • No risk, as for traditional blanket, of covering his airways.
  • No risk of having his feet or legs caught between the bars of the bed.

As soon as your baby is wrapped in his sleeping bag, he will feel safe and comfortable, which will help him fall asleep quickly, even in an unknown place.

Sleeping bags keep your baby at the right temperature

Because babies and young children wiggle a lot, they can easily uncover themselves, catch cold and wake up in the middle of the night.

Thanks to his sleeping bag, your baby will be covered at all times and, although his arms remain outside the sleeping bag, his body temperature will be maintained at an optimal level to ensure a a good night's sleep.

Sleeping bags make families happy

With our nomadic sleeping bags, you can easily carry your baby in a car seat or a stroller thanks to their separable legs.

If your baby or toddler sleeps well, you will too, which means the whole family will be happier and healthier!

Choosing the right nightwear and bedding for your child is one of the best investments you can make for your whole family.

Convinced? We will help you choose the perfect baby sleeping bag.

How to choose the size of their sleeping bag?

It is important that the sleeping bag is adapted to the child's size. Not too small, not too big for maximum comfort.

We offer 4 sizes of sleeping bags:

All our sleeveless sleeping bags can be adjusted with snaps on the sleeves to prevent baby from slipping inside.

Our sleeveless sleeping bag "90-110cm" can be adjusted with snap button on the back.

How to choose the sleeping bag's fabric ?

It is important to choose the appropriate fabric according to the room temperature.

For colder nights, we recommend our warm, ultra-soft fabrics that will keep your baby warm: Veloudoux®, Groloudoux® or sherpa/teddy.

For intermediate temperatures, we offer cotton jersey, natural material and tetra.

Finally, for summer nights, cotton muslin, a natural material, very light and fluid, allows air to circulate. This very comfortable fabric keeps its softness wash after wash.

The TOG, a measure of the sleeping bag's thickness, makes it easy to find a sleeping bag adapted to the room temperature. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag.

How to choose the model of your sleeping bag ?

We offer several models of sleeping bags, adapted to different situations.

Most of our zippers open from bottom to top to prevent your baby from opening their own sleeping bag.

The comfort sleeping bag

The sleeveless comfort sleeping bags are made for use in bed. The absence of sleeves allows natural ventilation and regulation of your baby's body temperature, as well as the zip closure.

The nomadic sleeping bag

Our nomadic sleeping bags are specially designed for travel. From car seats to strollers, babies should be able to sleep peacefully.

They make it possible to attach your baby in the stroller or car seat by passing the belt between the legs. The sleeves are removable for temperature changes when you are on a walk.

The smaller sizes (50 cm & 70 cm) are equipped with integrated mittens.

How to dress under the sleeping bag?

We recommend putting a bodysuit underneath all sleeping bags when baby is sleeping indoors. If the room is very cold, you can wear jersey or velvet pyjamas.

Outside, jersey or velvet pyjamas are best under the sleeping bag.