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Where does Noukie's soft toy come from?

Our story

On 3 August 1991, Katia and Simon-Pierre Gilliot welcomed their first child, Amaury. The days were filled with happiness for the young couple and their son.

Inspired by their son, Katia and Simon-Pierre founded the company Amtoys ("Amaury's toys") on 17 January 1992, which will import and distribute in Belgium brands of soft toys produced in Germany and France.

They soon realised that Amaury was very fond of these soft toys, but he treated them badly: he would put them in his mouth, try to pull out their long hair and tear their plastic eyes off with his little fingers.

We invented the ultra soft soft toy !

Based on this personal observation, Katia and Simon-Pierre imagined and created a soft toy, with short and soft hair, with pretty embroidered eyes and a radiant smile. Noukie's soft toy, babies and children 's best friend, was born.

With the experience and the testimony of many parents, Katia realised that the Noukie's soft toy often became the inseparable friend of children, which had to be able to be washed over and over again. The material had to be improved so that it could withstand these treatments.

After months of research, the material was found: the ultra-soft and wearing Veloudoux fabric, which will become the main material of Noukie's soft toys.

We are proud to say that Noukie's soft toys provide babies and children with all the comfort and serenity they expect: the softness of the Veloudoux® and the organic cotton muslin comparable to that of mummy, a smiley and kindly face just like their parents, providing a feeling of safety.

What is Veloudoux ?

Veloudoux, a trademark of Noukie's, is a 100% polyester woven fabric with a furry look. It is extremely soft, wearing and easy to care for.

Because this material is incredibly soft and easy to care for, we use it on many other products such as sleeping bags, bed bumpers, blankets, and many others!

S.O.S. Noukie’s services

"Code red, we've lost baby's soft toy !

When we created Noukie's in 1996, we never imagined that thousands of children would make him their best friend. A daily companion who will accompany them in their adventures, their learning, their joys but also their fears, their sorrows and especially their separations. Having their soft toy with them is very reassuring.

Losing a soft toy can therefore quickly become a tragedy for your little one and for the whole family.

In order to avoid these major worries, we have set up the SOS Noukie's service.

After a few clicks on noukies.com, the irreplaceable soft toy is back home... (almost) as if by magic!