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Katia and Simon-Pierre, young parents at the time, decided to set out on an entrepreneurial adventure. To distribute the toys, they redesigned their home; the utility room became an office, a bedroom became the show room and the garage a warehouse.

All this for their son Amaury's happiness.

1996 - Creation of the Noukie's brand

Where does the name Noukie's come from ?

Nouky: an adorable little nickname for the little blonds or brunettes, adventurers in shorts, with a face of an angel while they get inot worst mischief. It's an affectionate name for the children in Simon-Pierre's family.

This nickname, from father to son and mother to daughter, has now given its name to the Noukie's brand.

1997 - We invested the Veloudoux soft toy

Born from the creative minds of Katia and Simon-Pierre, who wanted to offer a reassuring and hygienic alternative to the plastic eyes and long hair of the soft toys of the day.

A better friend, with soft, short hair, pretty embroidered eyes and a friendly smile; it's the Veloudoux® soft toy! And don't worry, if your favourite soft toy is lost, our SOS Noukie's service takes care of it and looks after your child's little friend!

2001 - Benjamin, the inspiration behind the comforter

Do your children also like to play with labels? Benjamin, Katia and Simon-Pierre's youngest child, had a real passion for his soft toy's label...which usually ended its life as shreds of fabric.

From this little child's habit was born the comforter (or "Tidou"), a small flat soft toy made with labels from different materials, which soothes and reassures the baby.

2002 - Launch of the clothing line

Comfort, practicality, safety, from birth to the age of 8

Because making clothes for children and toddlers requires real expertise, we acquired Excel Trade, a Brussels based company that specializes in making comfortable, quality clothing, that keeps children's safety in mind.

As parents, we know that clothing must be easy to wear. Fitting it over the head is very important, as well as its safety. This is why pay close attention to buttons, but also to the softness of the material, and where the raw materials come from.

Less worry for parents and more time for kisses and hugs !

2004 - The first Noukie's shops in paris and Brussels

Is it raining? we have a solution...a little family trip to the Noukie's shop. Here, parents are welcomed and pampered as loyal family members. All children are Noukie's and our teams love to see them grow up from one year to another.

Just like a loving gamily unit in the heart of which each new baby grows, the brand grows each year with happiness, proud to maintain its family values. Today, it is a large family that has 16 stores in France, 11 in Belgium and 2 in China.

Our soft toys speak different languages, and we are always thrilled to learn that they have been adopted by a loving family who will take good care of them.

2006 - Creation of Paco, Nouky & Lola TV series

It's through exploring the world that we grow! Noukie's already takes care of peaceful nights, now we want to help children with their awakening.

The Paco, Nouky & Lola series presents funny but educational 5-minute episodes, the perfect length to capture children's attention without tiring them out.

For 2 years, more than 20 people, graphic designers, illustrators and script writers, from Belgium, France and Luxembourg have worked on giving life to Paco, Nouky and Lola.

Distributed in 163 countries, the series entertains the children worldwide by telling funny and endearing stories.

2007 - Ernst & Young Price

To receive the most prestigious distinction is something that a company dreams of, and we have done it! To celebrate, one of our suppliers sent us a gigantic bottle of champagne: a 9-liter Salmanazar. Everyone was called upon to carry it, and then open it: it wasn't simple to pop the cork on a bottle like that! We'll leave it to your imagination on how we were able to pour it into glasses...a funny experience that left everyone with a lasting memory!

2011 - Purchase of the Archimède brand, "Happiness Maker"

Archimède is, first of all, a genius idea: putting floaters in children's bathing suits to support them while they learn how to swim! Purchasing the company was also the opportunity to meet Dominique, the founder of the brand, who has succeeded in combining beauty and safety. Archimède is now part of the family and accompanies you in the water, from swimming pools to beaches.

2015 - Noukie's family continues to grow

Our children dove inot the family business at a very young age, as we talked about it all the time at home. In the meantime, Cassandra and Amaury joined us on our adventure after their studies. However, they did not get in the company that easily. They graduated from university and were chosen based on their CV's, just like everyone else! Will Benjamin also join the family company when he is old enough? Who knows, he still has a few years of studying left.

Do you know the story of Mamy ?

Katia's mother, also Cassandra and Amaury's grandmother, stops by the headquarters every few weeks to say hello. Sometimes she brings some treats for her grandchildren, but especially to pick up defect items, which she and her friends repair to donate to associations, hospitals and other facilities.

2017 - Play to Grow

Awakening the senses, developing language and movement skills while having fun, that's the perfect goal! To help you, parents, we have created toys that are adapted to the various stages of your child's development. To learn, of course, but also to have fun!