Our values

Welcome to Noukie's, a world of softness for young and old!

Noukie's is all about creating very soft, extremely comfortable and carefully designed products that convey beautiful stories so that young and old can continue to dream, explore, blossom, laugh and grow.

When designing our collections, we always stay true to our 4 core values. Values that have been defined by you, the Noukie's team and our partners.

Supreme softness

Product, style, materials, welcome, shop concept... Everything at Noukie's has been put through the "softness meter". Supreme softness is at the heart of the brand as it covers many notions that Noukie's has set as its priority objectives: the well-being and comfort of the child, the harmony of their environment, the quality of the bond between baby and mother, as well as the respect for its delicate skin.

But there’s more! Kindness towards our colleagues, our consumers and our partners is also a priority at Noukie's.


We get involved, make choices, take decisions, act to best serve customers, internal and external.

Concerned about the future, the world of today's children, Noukie's is equally demanding at all levels of the development chain, in order to guarantee the conditions in which its products are manufactured and their quality criteria. We strive for excellence in both services and products to ensure the safety and development of future generations.

We opt for more environmentally friendly, recycled or recyclable materials, and we think about the ecological footprint of our actions. We are aware that together we can have a positive impact on the future of our planet.


For Noukie's, storytelling is something to be taken very seriously! As imagination is the driving force behind learning and tenderness and is the fuel that makes a child grow, Noukie's invents stories full of affection for the pleasure of children and their parents.

Offering plenty of surprising adventures and pure fun, our collections capture the heart of children and adults alike! Lola, Paco, Nouky, Stegi, Ops...each character is unique and brings comfort and tenderness to young and old alike!


Ultra-soft pyjamas, Veloudoux® blankets, reassuring comforters, sleeping bags adapted to the temperature, and more. Noukie’s creates and innovates to bring ever more comfort and delicacy to the world of early childhood through esthetic, ergonomic and comfortable products.

Our creativity is reflected in our characters, materials and shop concepts, but also in our services and the way we work.

Notre mission

Vous guidez dans l'aventure d'être parents

Nous accompagnons futurs et jeunes parents dans la création d’un monde de douceur et de rêves pour bébés et jeunes enfants en les inspirant afin qu’ils puissent mener à bien l’épanouissement et la confiance en soi de leurs enfants et des générations de demain.

Comment menons-nous notre mission à bien?

Nous imaginons et créons des doudous rassurants, de la puériculture extrêmement douce, des vêtements tendances pour apporter confort et bien-être à bébé qui grandit.